Report a Power Outage

When members immediately report an outage, it assists in getting your power back on sooner and helps isolate the problem more quickly.  If you are out of power, please notify Kandiyohi Power  using one of these methods:


Download the SmartHub App, login to your SmartHub account, and tap “Report an Outage”.


Login to your SmartHub account online and click “Report an Outage”.


  1. PHONE

Call our Outage Line anytime to report an outage:  1-800-551-4951. During business hours, your call will be answered by Kandiyohi Power Cooperative.  After hours, your call will be answered by the Cooperative Response Center (CRC).


Before Reporting an Outage, KPC asks that you first:

  • Check fuses or circuit breakers to see if they have blown or tripped.

  • Check your meter

    • If you can read numbers on the meter (digital display is on), the problem is most likely on the member’s side and you will need to contact an electrician.

    • If you cannot read the meter (digital display is blank), then it is a KPC outage.

  • Check if any neighbors are without power.

  • Unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions and computers.

  • Unplug refrigerators, freezers and other major appliances.

    • Refrigerators will keep food cold for about four hours if unopened.

    • A full freezer will keep its temperature for about 48 hours, or 24 hours if it is only half full if the door remains closed.

  • Leave a light on so you know when power is restored.


When you call, please update your phone numbers with us so we can call you back if needed.


FYI – Kandiyohi Power Cooperative maintains everything from the substation to your meter.  Any lines from the meter to your house and outbuildings are the members' responsibility.  The meter belongs to KPC but the meter socket is again the members' responsibility.

Please call KPC to report any problems you find along our lines, such as: damaged poles, broken insulators and trees growing into power lines.  Being proactive may prevent an outage from happening.


Restoring Your Power:



Preparing “before-during-after” a power outage: