Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up


Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up


Mission Statement:
The accumulation and disbursement of funds to individuals and/or organizations for charitable and educational purposes primarily in Kandiyohi County.


How can you help?

Your monthly billing statement is rounded up to the next whole dollar amount.* This amounts to a few cents each month.  The amount donated is shown on the energy billing. The most any one account could contribute is $12.00 for the entire year.  Your annual contribution is tax deductible and will appear on your January energy billing.
How are the funds used?
Operation Round Up funds stay right here in the Cooperative’s service area.  With 85% of Cooperative members contributing an average of 50 cents for each bill, the trust is able to gather and distribute about $34,000 per year.

Guidelines for awarding this money address needs such as:

  • Community Service
  • Education/Youth
  • Environment
  • Emergency Relief
  • Miscellaneous

Funds are never used for political or administrative purposes.

Who distributes the funds? 
Operation Round Up is governed by a group of volunteers called the Kandiyohi Power Charitable Board of Trustees.  They issue grants in January April, July and October. 
How do I apply for funds?

To request an application, and/or for more information, call the cooperative’s office at 1-800-551-4951 and ask for Robin.  You may also contact a Board Trustee or complete this Application for Donation.

*If you wish to decline participation in Operation Round Up, contact your Cooperative.


2018-2019 Board of Trustees                                                                                                                 

  1. Patti Hagen – President – District 1
  2. Kathy Rowan – Vice-President – District 1
  3. Sharon Oleson – Secretary – District 2
  4. Bonnie Williams – District 2
  5. Toni Vick – District 2
  6. Eric Reins – District 3
  7. Pam Cain – District 3
  8. Tim Helgeson 
  9. Kathy Steffenson


 2019 Meeting Dates

January 16

April 17

July 17

October 16

Note:  Applications MUST be sent in using the application form.  If not, they will not be considered. Applications must be received by the 1st of the meeting month.