Minnesota Cold Weather Rule

Minnesota Cold Weather Rule

Some members find it hard to pay their utility bills in the winter.  The State of Minnesota set up the Cold Weather Rule to protect residential, heat affected members who are unable to pay their utility bills from disconnection of service between October 15th and April 15th.


Avoiding Disconnection

The Cold Weather Rule does not forbid winter shut off.  If you receive a shut off notice this winter, you must act promptly and call Kandiyohi Power Cooperative (KPC) at 1-800-551-4951 to apply for Cold Weather Rule Protection and set up a payment plan.

Your service will be subject to disconnection without further notice if you do not make the agreed upon payments.  If you cannot keep your original payment plan, you must call KPC immediately to make a new payment plan to avoid disconnection.


Will not take place if the customer has not responded the notice without first investigating whether the dwelling is actually unoccupied.  This means a personal visit to the dwelling.  If the dwelling is found unoccupied, KPC must give seven days written notice of the proposed disconnection to the local energy assistance provider before disconnecting.

Disconnection will not take place on a weekend, holiday, or the day before the holiday when the office will be closed.

Disconnection will not occur until at least 20 calendar days after the notice and information required has been mailed to the customer or 15 calendar days after the notice and information has been personally delivered to the customer.


Any disputes over a residential customer’s inability to pay for service, income eligibility, a reasonable payment schedule or any other issue which a customer could raise under the Cold Weather Rule may be appealed and referred for hearing, after reasonable notice, to the Cooperative’s Board of Directors.  The Cooperative and the customer shall have the right to present evidence and be heard in person at that hearing.  The Cooperative’s Board of Directors shall issue a written decision within 10 days of the hearing.  No disconnection shall occur while an appeal is pending.


If your power is disconnected on October 15th when the Cold Weather Rule takes effect, you can have your power reconnected by calling KPC at 1-800-551-4951.  The applicable fees and total amount due must be paid, or a payment plan worked out prior to being reconnected.  Call and payment must be made prior to 2:00 p.m. in order for reconnect to occur on the same day.  You must keep the payment plan agreed upon to avoid future disconnection.

Payment Agreements

If your household income is:

  • At or below 50% of the state median income, you are not required to pay more than 10% of your monthly household income.
  • More than 50% of the state median income, you may make a payment plan with KPC.

Most Cold Weather Rule payment plans last until April 15th.  Your service could be shut off if you have a past-due balance on April 15th and do not make and keep your payment plan.

Need Help Paying?

Heartland Community Action          


  • 320-235-0850
  • 800-992-1710
Renville County Energy Assistance


  • 320-523-5522
  • 800-363-2533
Tri-County Action Agency


  • 320-251-1612
  • 888-765-5597
Prairie Five Community Action


  • 320-269-7976
  • 800-292-5437
Salvation Army


  • 320-235-2033 
The LINK (New London/Spicer Area only)


  • 320-796-2522
Kandiyohi County Family Services


  • 320-231-7066