Community Solar FAQ

Community Solar FAQ


KPC Community Solar FAQs


Read through our FAQ, or review our Solar Brochure and this Solar Power infographic for more information. 


Q: How large is the KPC Community Solar Array?  This is a 42 kilowatt (kW) Solar Array system.  The physical dimension of each panel is 6.5’ x 4.5’ with a total dimension of 65’x 98’ for the 140 panels.

Q: What kind is it?  It is a TenKSolar system, which is a Minnesota based company.

Q: Where is the Array located?  On the SW corner of 47th ST NE and County Road # 127 which is a bare lot to the north and west of our headquarters.

Q: How can I participate in KPC’s Community Solar?  It’s very simple.  Complete the Customer Agreement Form and return it to Kandiyohi Power with payment.  Phone payments are accepted.  You can also call us at (320) 796-1155 or stop by the office and we can assist you with your questions and provide you with a copy of the agreement.  You must be a member of the cooperative.

Q: What is the cost?  It is $1,250.00 per panel output.  This lease/contract with KPC is good thru the fall of 2039.  The estimated annual output is approximately 480 kWh. The actual amount may vary from month to month, and season to season. The output credit will appear on your electric bill as a line item.

Q: How can I pay?  Cash, Check, or Credit Card are accepted.  A 24 month loan with KPC is available.  Interest is set annually on January 1st, and is locked in for the length of the loan. To qualify for the loan, your KPC account cannot have more than 1 penalty in the last 12 months.

Q: Is there a limit on how many I can purchase?  Member may license the output of multiple solar panels, provided, that no License may be obtained for a number of solar panels that produce combined output credits that exceed the most recent 12 month average used at the location/account at which they are applied. Excess Solar Panel Output credits at calendar year-end will not be refunded, transferred or donated.

Q: What if I move?  You can transfer/assign or donate the panel output to another member, friend, family member or organization that is a member of KPC.  KPC can assist member with identifying an interested member.

Q: What is my Rate of Return?  Based on the assumptions used for the study of this project, the rate of return on investment over the life of this project for the member is approximately 2.77%.

Q: If I do not purchase now, can I buy later?  Yes you can, provided we have panels available. We have depreciation schedule set up for those who wish to purchase at a later date.

Q: Where does the electricity go when the system is producing energy?  This system is interconnected with the electric grid, so the output goes directly onto our distribution wires.

Q: Does the system have a battery backup system?  No. The cost for the battery backup system is currently too expensive to warrant the cost.

Q: Does the system work in the event of a power outage?  No.  All renewable systems with an inverter and no battery backup require line voltage to function and will not generate during an outage.

Q: Does the weather and change in seasons affect the solar production?  Both the weather and seasonal changes will affect the amount of sun reaching the panels.  During the summer, the panels will produce more energy because the days are longer and the sun is higher.  If it’s a cloudy day, the panels will produce less.  During the winter, there will be less production because of limited hours of sunlight and, at times potential snow coverage.

Q: How do you meter the solar array?  Two meters are used.  One meter records the output from the system to the grid; the other meter records the electrical usage at the location.

Q: What does the cost cover?  KPC will provide all necessary maintenance, insurance, and ensure that it meets all applicable codes, standards, and regulatory requirements at the time of installation and throughout the term of the agreement. In the event of equipment failure, KPC will bring the equipment back to working order as quickly as is reasonably possible.