Community Solar

Community Solar

Kandiyohi Power Community Solar

Kandiyohi Power Summary


Kandiyohi Power is offering its members an affordable new way to purchase renewable solar energy. 


With KPC’s Community Solar, you can purchase solar power:

-Without installing equipment on your property

-Without worrying about maintaining the system

-For $1,200 per 1 full panel output


Lock in your future price of power for a portion of your electric needs. Your monthly electric bill is reduced by the number of kWh’s that the panel(s) produce and the bill credits are priced at the current KPC retail rate.  

If KPC’s rates rise, so do the solar bill credits.



Several pricing options are available, including:

-$0 down, 24 month loan

-Full up-front purchase

-$1200.00 for 23 year contract

-NEW 4 year payment plan with 0% interest

-$425.00 for 5 year contract- Average of 500 kWh’s/year output x 5yrs = 2500 kWh’s

-$375.00 for additional 5 years.

You get all the benefits of owning solar panels, but with none of the hassle.  Choose as few as one, or as many panels as you need to power your entire home.


For more information see our FAQ page or call our office at (320) 796-1155.

 Solar Wise

Ready to buy your panel(s) and start receiving bill credits?

  • Option 1: Print the Customer Agreement Form, complete the form, and return it to Kandiyohi Power Cooperative with payment.  Phone payment also accepted.
  • Option 2: Stop by to complete a Customer Agreement Form and make payment.