Propane Programs

Propane Programs


Propane Programs Available


Keep-Full Accounts:

KPC Propane will make scheduled deliveries to your tank to assure you of an adequate supply of propane.

Will-Call Accounts:

The customer will be responsible to monitor the level of propane in their tank. KPC propane will need a 3-working day notice on all call-in deliveries. There will be a $40 charge for same day delivery and a $100 charge for after hours delivery.

Price Options:

  • Market Price
  • Contracted – Price is locked in for the heating season.
  • 100% Prepayment.
  • 50/50 -One half due at beginning of the contract period with the balance due December 1st.
  • $75 premium for a capped price.
  • Budget – 10 budget payments that normally begin in July. The 11th month is a catch up month. A credit may be applied to next year’s summer fill.
  • Summer Fills

Lease Tank:

$18.00 PER YEAR for 250-1000 gallon tanks.


KPC Propane Truck